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dog coat factory
dog coat factory
Product description

if you need, pls write to our factory.   email :

we accept small order. 


we factory make dog cool coat very good quality. pva towel materials 3mm thickness. and no color fading issue.

the materials super absorbent and very soft. can hold water. keep your dog cool.

we factory pva dog cool coat quality good, no color fading issue,no shrink problem.and 3mm thickness more wet and cool .

Cool Coat for dogs is made of pva towel to hold water without wetting your dog. The Cool-Coat will make your dog feel cool, not wet. When your Cool-Coat coat starts to dry out, putting it in water for just a couple of minutes.andremove water so your coat feels cool, yet not wet. can be wash by hangd and washing machine.

Measure from neck to start of tail.
Back length of coat is as follows:

Size XS – 30cm (12″)
Size S – 40cm (16″)
Size M – 50cm (20″)
Size L – 60cm (24″)
Size XL – 70cm (28″)

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