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pva sponge roller works well in polywash solvents

pva sponge roller works well in polywash solvents

there is much water washing and drying During the commercial run ,water is hard t be dry momentary .
the pva sponge roller can dry the water and solvents quickly and fully. so the pva sponge roller was widely used in
Cleaning and drying of substrate, curved glass, glass products,
precision electronic equipment like LCD substrate, printing circuit boards (PCBs),
conducting wire frame, film, filter film, and mask. plastic film or plastic board materials.
also use for drying the ink .
pva sponge roller made of pva materials, the pore size, color, and shape,size ,can be make as customers requirements.
the features: continuous  porosity , as 90%. but if you observation by aesthetes,the 90% porosity are cavity, the substrate part is solid reticulate structure.
so pva sponge roller is deferent of the other sponges, its have high hydrophilicity and super absorbent ,once meet water can quick absobent and also hold water not drip.
when the sponge roller is wet, very soft,and no scratch the surface ,and dry the water very soon and not drip, and no cotton  and water stain left.
mostly used in PCB CMP cleaning and drying, water removing,and it can temperature resistance about 60 ℃ and corrosion resistance .
before use, pls put into solvents about 30 minutes, let it become wet, the pva roller can absorb as  6 - 10 times solvents .
but must temperature under 60  ℃ ,or the pva roller will Degradation and loss of lifetime, the pva sponge roller, if not use, need put it into water keep wet.
and the pva sponge roller normal lifetime about 3-5 monthes.
pva sponge roller also can be  put into polywash 1000 and polywash 3000 solvents, put in the potassium hydroxide and deacetone alcohol solvents no problem.
so pva sponge roller absorb the ink in PCB industrial works well.

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